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Keith Hughes: US Federalism For Dummies- American Government Review

  Source: The New Democrat Federalism for dummies or for people who aren’t capable of learning anything important or staying awake unless the lesson is given in an MTV like format especially in our valley pop culture world. But Keith Hughes … Continue reading

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The Federal Europe: The European Federation- An Introduction to the Nation States: A Federal Union of Europe?

  Source:FRS FreeState “The European Federation has grown from the European Union – uniting many of its peoples under one banner. Please note: This is a fictionalised state: and is based from the game NationStates.” From The Federal Europe A European … Continue reading

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EuroNews: Jose Manuel Barroso- Calls For a Federation of States: What a Federal Union of Europe Could Look Like

  “Europe must become a ‘federation of nation-states,’ the EU Commission’s chief Jose Manuel Barroso has said. The call for deeper European integration came in Strasbourg during the President’s State of the Union speech to MEPs. “The present European Union … Continue reading

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STV News: Scotland Tonight- Rona Dougall Interviewing Laurie Clark & Peter Hughes: ‘How Would Independence Affect the Prospects of Business’

Source:STV News– interviewing Laurie Clark and Peter Hughes about the prospects of Scottish independence. “STV News: Scotland Tonight- How Would Independence Affect The Prospects of Scottish Business?” Originally from STV News, but the video has since been deleted or blocked … Continue reading

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Washington Post: Opinion: George Will- Progressives Are Wrong About the Essence of the Constitution: The Differences Between Social Democracy and the Federal Constitutional Republic

  Source: This piece was originally posted at The New DemocratThe more I hear from today’s, so-called, Progressives, the more I believe that they are from a different country or, at least, have lived a long time in another country. They … Continue reading

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Slate: Opinion- Bob Garfield- “Why I Love Big Government, a Valentine For Big Government”: The Differences Between Government & Big Government

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat Bob Garfield in his column in Slate today was explaining what he loved about big government and laying out a lot of the things that government does and calling them big … Continue reading

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Secular Talk: Video: Governor Rick Perry: Decriminalize Pot

. This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger Governor Rick Perry a true Federalist at least when it comes to marijuana and not one of these fake Conservatives who like to nationalize social and cultural issues … Continue reading

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New America Foundation: Daniel Deudney- Liberal Democracy vs. Autocracy

I love the word liberalization as a Liberal, because it means opening things up and freeing people to live their lives. Which is what happened to Eastern Europe in the late 1980s and early 90s, as well as some of … Continue reading

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ABC News: Special Report- DOMA Overturned by SCOTUS, Punt on Prop 8

Source: ABC News: Special Report- DOMA Overturned by Supreme Court- Justices Punt on Prop 8- Gay Marriage Gets Boost If you are a true believer in states rights and just don’t just use that term to push your partisan ideological agenda, … Continue reading

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Wall Street Journal: U.S. Supreme Court Deals Blow to Voting Rights Act: The Impact of This Decision

Source: Wall Street Journal: Supreme Court Deals Blow to Voting Rights Act | U.S. Supreme Court News The main impact of this ruling is that states and localities still can no longer deny anyone from voting minority or majority. But that … Continue reading

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