U.S. Congress: ‘Justice Safety Valve Act of 2013’

Justice Safety Valve Act of 2013 - Google Search

Source:Foleon– with a look at the Justice Safety Valve Act.

“The bill amends the federal criminal US code of the United States title 18, Part II, Chapter 227, Subchapter A, Section 3553 Imposition of a Sentence. It aimed to authorize a federal court to impose a sentence below a statutory minimum if necessary to avoid violating federal provisions prescribing factors courts must consider in imposing a sentence. It requires the court to give parties notice of its intent to impose a lower sentence and to state in writing the factors requiring such a sentence.”

From Wikipedia

You might be able to make a case for mandatory minimums for career illegal narcotics dealers who knowingly sell their junk (to be clean) to known drug addicts and make a lot of money off their clients (so to speak) inability to control their addiction and pray of their bad health and take all their money to simply keep their drug habit alive.

But we have two-million people in prison in America largely, but not exclusively, because of the bipartisan War On Drugs that was launched by President Richard Nixon in 1971 and continued by every President Republican and Democrat ever since.

If the definition of insanity is actually doing the same thing over and over expecting different results, then War On Drugs is the craziest thing that the U.S. Government has ever done. Perhaps even crazier then trying to fight other countries wars for them thousands of miles way.

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