Willy Beable: Diana Dors Documentary

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Source:Willy Beable– English Muffin Diana Dors and Rod Steiger, in The Unholy Wife (1957)

Source:The New Democrat

“Short documentary profiling the life of British ‘Blonde Bombshell’ Diana Dors, who died of cancer in 1984.”

From Willy Beable

English Muffin Diana Dors (as I call her) got tagged as the British Marilyn Monroe and the latest Hollywood Blonde Bombshell from the Silent Generation, when he came to America in the mid 1950s.

But if you look at the interview that Diana did with Mike Wallace (yes, that Mike Wallace) in 1957, which is available on YouTube she answered Wallace’s question by saying and I paraphrasing: “I don’t want to be Marilyn Monroe or anyone else. I’m just Diana Dors and that’s the only person I want to be. Marilyn has her life and career and I have mine.”

She wasn’t Marilyn Monroe or anyone other than Diana Dors. She was also better than all of those actresses and entertainers from that era who were also compared with Marilyn, including Jayne Mansfield and if anything had more in common with Jayne, then Marilyn.

Both Jayne Mansfield and Diana Dors were especially gorgeous, adorable, 5’6 great curves 17 months or so apart in age, both women knew what they wanted, both women extremely adorable to the point that they both sounded like little girls when they spoke and even had baby faces that matched their voices. And in Jayne’s case she had a little girl personality, really her whole life.

But Diana and Jayne both had the same weakness which gets me to a Salt N Pepa lyric from 1993 from the song Shoop and the lyric is: “What’s my weakness, men!” Both Diana and Jayne dated and married bad men who were simply untalented users who if they had any talent at all it was the talent of good conmen looking to make money off them, which Diana simply didn’t mine as long as they kept her happy and didn’t bankrupt her.

Diana’s weakness for bad men I believe is why Diana never went back to America other than doing a few interviews and selling her books. Similar to Shelly Winters, Diana Dors was also a successful author and writer.

It’s not just the great, Hollywood blonde bombshell, that shouldn’t be the only way to tag Diana Dors, she shouldn’t be just tagged as an actress either. Diana was a great entertainer, a great comedian. Jayne Mansfield and Shelly Winters are the two American actresses and entertainers who are the best comparisons to Diana, because they’re so beautiful, the great curves, insanely adorable, and funny, as well as very intelligent.

And I think if Diana wanted to be the great entertainer in America, similar to Joan Collins whose also a great British actress, comedian, and writer, whose done a lot of work in America, Diana could’ve always had that here, because she was always that good.

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