Tiger Ray: Clemson Radio: FBS 1979-Clemson Tigers @ Notre Dame Fighting Irish: Full Game

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1979 was the first season that the Notre Dame Fighting Irish played with QB Joe Montana. Who of course was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in 1979 in the NFL after four solid, but not great years at Notre Dame. Danny Ford was just starting to build a college football monster at Clemson. Who took over the program in late 1978 a program that was a solid ACC contender, but he made them into a national power to the point in the 1980s winning the ACC and going to a January bowl game was expected. The only question was whether they would be playing for the national championship and how close would they get to that. They won the national championship in I believe 1981 or 82. And haven’t won it since which gives you a good idea how much Ford meant to Clemson football.
Danny Ford

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