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5/24/2023 – @Benjamin Blanco: They weren’t conservatives tho lol. They were liberal progressives. Abraham Lincoln was a conservative according to his own quotes.

@Erik Schneider: You are right that they’re not Conservatives. But liberal progressive goes against each other. They’re two different terms. The Southern Democrats were Dixiecrats, who were Neo-Confederates, but not Conservatives.

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5/13/2023 – @Brandon Partain: background checks are required for dealer sales. Not private sales. Dealers buy from wholesalers and manufacturers in other states and resell which crosses state lines. Private sales are usually all local, within a state. Interstate trade vs intrastate trade.

@Erik Schneider: Dealer sales. So the Feds are already regulating sales.

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5/12/2023 – @Brandon Partain: feds can’t regulate private sales. They can regulate commercial sales. I’ve made this distinction.

@Erik Schneider: When you have background checks on firearms, you are regulating sales. You understand that? You said it yourself that criminals and mentally incompetent people aren’t allowed to buy guns under federal law.

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5/12/2023 – @Brandon Partain: just stop and work on reading comprehension. You’re not grasping the differences between private sales between individuals (intrastate commerce) and federally regulated sales from dealers( interstate commerce).

@Erik Schneider: No. What I’m having trouble with is trying to figure out who I’m talking too. You said that you are not an absolutist on the 2nd Amendment, but that that Feds can’t regulate the sales of guns, even though they already do. We already have Federal background checks, which you already acknowledged.

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5/12/2023 – @Brandon Partain: private sales background checks passed at the state level to avoid 10th amendment/ trade law conflicts.
Utilize the right to due process and see that the mentally ill are properly adjudicated as such.
These 2 steps stop prohibited persons from buying firearms through all legal means.
Illegal sales will always be up to law enforcement and the courts to stop.

@Erik Schneider: The private sales of what? This is what you wrote earlier: “private sales background checks passed at the state level to avoid 10th amendment/ trade law conflicts.
Utilize the right to due process and see that the mentally ill are properly adjudicated as such.
These 2 steps stop prohibited persons from buying firearms through all legal means.
Illegal sales will always be up to law enforcement and the courts to stop.” You already said that the Feds have background checks on guns. But now you are saying that they don’t have the authority to do that. Are you debating yourself, or me?

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5/12/2023 – @Brandon Partain: the pharmaceutical industry is international as well as interstate trade. That’s why it’s federally regulated and not state regulated.
All gun sales from dealers/ gun stores are federally regulated and require a background check regardless of which state its in. That’s already been federal law since the mid 1990’s.
Interstate trade crosses state boundaries. That’s what the feds can regulate. Intrastate trade is trade/ commerce that remains within a state’s borders. This is where you are having trouble….distinguishing between the 2.

@Erik Schneider: And the gun show loophole?

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5/11/2023 – @Brandon Partain: they can, but only when it crosses state lines. Sales from dealers are federally regulated because dealers buy their guns for resale from out of state. It crosses state lines hence it’s interstate trade.
Private sales between individuals that remains within a state’s borders is intrastate trade and not under federal jurisdiction.
It’s kind of like car dealers. They have all kinds of federal regulations for new cars such as safety and emissions equipment. Used cars don’t have to meet the same standards and the standards are set by each state.

@Erik Schneider: Brandon, you are simply just wrong. The FDA (just one example) regulates drugs everywhere in the country and gets to decide what drugs can be sold anywhere in the United States. But let’s say you are right, (for discussion sake) that would mean the Feds could regulate the sale of guns from one gun store in one state, to an individual living in another state.

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5/11/2023 – @Brandon Partain: no, they aren’t. Why do you think the states are able to sell marijuana while it’s federally banned? It’s interstate vs intrastate trade

@Erik Schneider: Do you want a list of the Federal regulatory agencies and commissions that are in business today? Or you are already familiar with those as well? They all regulate commerce in this country.

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5/11/2023 – @Brandon Partain: Brandon Partain: very familiar. The commerce clause, the 10th amendment, the interstate commerce act, and DC v Heller are all why feds can’t regulate private sales within a state’s borders. It’s not under federal jurisdiction. Private sales are a state’s issue all day long. This is also why it’s not a loophole. Feds only have authority to regulate interstate trade. Private sales laws are under the laws of the state in which the sale is made.
Feds regulate interstate trade. States regulate their own intrastate trade. Why do you think DC v Heller ruled that COMMERCIAL sales may be regulated.

@Erik Schneider: Brandon, the Feds are currently regulating just about everything else within state borders as we speak. Don’t know why guns which are also commerce, would be any different.

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5/10/2023 – @Brandon Partain: background checks are already required for all sales from dealers. Feds regulate interstate commerce or trade across state lines and dealers are federally licensed. My solution as mentioned before is for states to pass private sales background checks due to them being unconstitutional at the federal level. Feds have zero authority to regulate private sales.

@Erik Schneider: What? You familiar with the commerce clause? How about the gun show loophole?

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5/10/2023 – @Brandon Partain: that’s already been federal law since 1938. Adjudication is required for the removal of rights under due process.

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@Erik Schneider: So how about a background check for anyone who tries to purchase a firearm, so dealers would then know if they’re selling guns to criminals or mentally incompetent people, as well as the Feds?

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5/10/2023 – @Brandon Partain: Brandon Partain: private sales background checks passed at the state level to avoid 10th amendment/ trade law conflicts.
Utilize the right to due process and see that the mentally ill are properly adjudicated as such.
These 2 steps stop prohibited persons from buying firearms through all legal means.
Illegal sales will always be up to law enforcement and the courts to stop.

@Erik Schneider: How about making it illegal to sell firearms to known criminals, convicted felons, and mentally handicapped people? As well as making it illegal for known criminals, convicted felons, and mentally handicapped people to purchase firearms?

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5/09/2023 – @Brandon Partain: no. I can prove many of them are unconstitutional. That’s the problem. Facts and common knowledge are ignored and prejudiced proganda is accepted as solutions.
Solutions must be constitutional, a concept that escapes too many on the left.

@Erik Schneider: OK. Then what gun reform law would be constitutional? According to you.

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5/08/2023 – @Brandon Partain: show us a single legislative proposal that’s constitutional.

@Erik Schneider: I could give you several. But you would just say that they’re all unconstitutional. Debating an absolutist on any of the constitutional amendments, is not a good use of my time.

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5/08/2023 – @Erik Schneider: While we’re waiting for both House and Senate Republicans to finally acknowledge the obvious and come out in favor of commonsense gun reform laws, we might as well be waiting for snow in South Florida. And figuring out what type of snowmen we want to build in May there. Not going to happen in this Congress. But if Democrats get out and vote in huge numbers in 2024, perhaps in the next Congress with President Biden.

@House Democrats: There have been more mass shootings than days this year.
It’s time for our Republican colleagues to say enough is enough and work with us to pass common sense gun safety legislation to save lives.

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5/05/2023 – @Erik Schneider: I’m a Liberal Democrat because I believe in liberal democracy. (Seems simple enough) Everything that Vice President Harris is talking about here, comes with the liberal democracy that we have in America. And we should always fight to protect it and vote whenever we can for people who also believe in liberal democracy.

@Vice President Kamala Harris: We stand for democracy. For freedom and liberty, and for justice and equality.
I firmly believe that when you know what you stand for, you know what to fight for. And all of this is at stake in this election.

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5/03/2023 – @Erik Schneider: I think there are times in life when people just need to throw out the garbage (to put it mildly) and just be real. Any opposition to Joe Biden in the Democratic Party, is about the President’s age and that he’s not a left-wing Democrat. But RFK JR. is 70 and basically from the same generation as Biden and has conspiracy views that make him a lot more comfortable in the Libertarian Party or Green Party, than the Democratic Party. I don’t see any real reason for RFK JR. to run for anything, at least as a Democrat.

@Chris Cillizza : The scion to the most famous family in Democratic politics is getting 20%+ in the Democratic primary against Joe Biden. What gives?

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4.28/2023 – @Erik Schneider: You can’t expect politicians to look and be at their best all the time. Especially career politicians who are always in the public eye and looking for the next office to run floor, assuming that they’re not already POTUS. I think the main problem that Ron DeSantis has, is that he wants to be a MAGA governor, in a big state like Florida and run for President in a broader Republican Party that might finally be looking to get past MAGA and start winning again. Along with the fact that MAGA would be a big loser in a general election in 2024.

@:Chris Cillizza There’s something slightly off about the Florida governor.

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4/26/2023 – @Erik Schneider: Thank God Hollywood and the mainstream news media, especially the network news divisions, got involved in the civil rights movement. It wouldn’t have been successful without that publicity.

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4/25/2023 – @Erik Schneider: Not just the best Alfred Hitchcock film ever, but the best damn movie ever. 140 minute film that goes by very fast because every scene is either very exciting or very funny, or both.

@Alfred Hitchcock Official : When an advertising executive is mistaken for a government agent by a group of spies, he goes on the run with help from a mysterious woman who helps him evade the authorities. A series of misadventures leads to a contentious confrontation at the top of Mt. Rushmore in which Hitchcock film?

Alfred Hitchcock_ North By Northwest (1959)Source:Facebook– Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint. Perhaps you don’t need me to explain to you which one is which.

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4/24/2023 – @Erik Schneider: Tucker Carlson leaving Fox News is a great day for people who believe in the truth when it comes to the media. But right-wing conspiracy theorists will still have a voice, if they want it.

@Richelle Flores: hopefully he’s next.

@Erik Schneider: I wouldn’t have a problem with that. Just as long as this is Fox News’s decision and not forced on them by government.

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@USA Today: Fox News host Tucker Carlson has left his post, and his last show was Friday, the company announced in a news release. USA Today

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@Doc Lex: and what truth would that be? that god is the story for children, or who exactly is ‘evil empire’?

@Erik Schneider: Where do you see God in my comment? The truth in that Reagan speech relates to the Soviet Russia and their totalitarian, authoritarian system.

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