The Federal Europe: The European Federation- An Introduction to the Nation States: A Federal Union of Europe?



Source:The Federal Europe– Europe is out of this world.

Source:FRS FreeState

“The European Federation has grown from the European Union – uniting many of its peoples under one banner.

Please note: This is a fictionalised state: and is based from the game NationStates.”

From The Federal Europe

A European superstate going forward makes very good sense for Europe for several reasons. Economically at least for the next ten years or so, would have the largest or second largest economy in the world. Either Europe or America until China passes them, as well as developed country of around 400M people or so. Depending on how they drew the map of their United Federation, that would replace the European Union.

The EU is essentially the United Nations of Europe, but a lot more competent and relevant. It would also makes sense for Europe in foreign policy as well as national security and in the War on Terror. Because they would have a large enough military and law enforcement to defend the country that would replace NATO. And a unified foreign policy so their message would be clear. They already have an executive which is what they call a Commission. Their version of an Administration, which is what America, Mexico , Russia and several other Federal Republics have.

Basically an executive branch with a President and Ministers and they already have a legislative branch a Parliament, as well as judicial branch. Europe has already been down the road of becoming a superstate for about sixty years now. But haven’t gone completely forward with it. Most of Europe at least West of Russia and the other Slavic republics, speak English at least as a second language. And the Euro States could still operate in their native languages, but the Federal Government would operate in English so the whole country could communicate with each other. But of course a European Superstate would be a major challenge with all of the National and Ethnic Pride in Europe. Which is probably the main reason why this has never happened before.

There a lot of questions that would have to be solved before a European State could ever happen. How would the map be drawn, the United Kingdom would never want to be part of this. Scandinavia is basically a country of its own with a lot of land, almost the size of mainland Europe West of the Slavic states. Thats very wealthy and energy independent that could defend themselves. The Slavic states aren’t ready politically or economically and all have questionable human rights records.

And I doubt Europe would want the Slavic states and of course the Russian Federation would never be part of Europe. They are an economic and military superpower waiting to happen on their own and can get their on their own within 10-20 years they will be a major rival to not only Europe but the United States as well. The Balkans and Turkey, similar issues as the Slavic republics. And Turkey is more part of the Middle East anyway than Europe and the Caucus states, again similar issues as the Slavic states. But a Western European Union as one Federal Union, would be the next superpower in the world.

So a European map to me would look like as far West as Portugal and going as far East as Italy in the South. And then as far West as Belgium in the North, big state to Germany or maybe Poland in the North. Making Europe a very large country physically about the size of Mexico but with about 400M people huge population. The other questions have to get to national and ethnic pride, the role of the Federal Government and what would it do. Which is why I believe they would have to have a federal system. And not a big centralize central government.

Giving the state governments a lot of authority in how to run their states, on most economic and social Issues. But where each State would have to comply with the Federal Constitution. Similar to America and where Brussels the capital of Europe would be responsible for managing the currency, foreign trade, immigration policy, energy policy, foreign policy, national security and law enforcement. And perhaps setting national standards in the other areas, but not running them. So each State would know they would still have plenty of authority to run their State. But where they would be economically, and physically secure with the Federal Government.

A United Federation of Europe as a Federal Republic makes a lot of sense in several areas. Especially with the emergence of China, India, Russia, Brazil and even Mexico. This would make it much easier for Europe to take care of themselves in several areas. But national and ethnic pride is what’s holding this Union from happening.



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