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The History TV: Thomas Jefferson- American Republic

Source: The History TV: Thomas Jefferson- American Republic There is a debate in the United States about what is America according to our own Constitution. Are we a republic or a democracy, the fact is we are both, but then why … Continue reading

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The Federal Europe: The European Federation- An Introduction to the Nation States: A Federal Union of Europe?

Source: FRS FreeState A European superstate going forward makes very good sense for Europe for several reasons. Economically at least for the next ten years or so, would have the largest or second largest economy in the world. Either Europe or … Continue reading

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EuroNews: Jose Manuel Barroso- Calls For a Federation of States: What a Federal Union of Europe Could Look Like

  “Europe must become a ‘federation of nation-states,’ the EU Commission’s chief Jose Manuel Barroso has said. The call for deeper European integration came in Strasbourg during the President’s State of the Union speech to MEPs. “The present European Union … Continue reading

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Secular Talk: Video: Governor Rick Perry: Decriminalize Pot

. This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger Governor Rick Perry a true Federalist at least when it comes to marijuana and not one of these fake Conservatives who like to nationalize social and cultural issues … Continue reading

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