Minister Malcolm X: ‘By Any Means Necessary’


Source:Black Past– Nation of Islam Minister Malcolm X.

Source:The Daily Press

“Malcolm X’s life changed dramatically in the first six months of 1964. On March 8, he left the Nation of Islam. In May he toured West Africa and made a pilgrimage to Mecca, returning as El Hajj Malik El-Shabazz. While in Ghana in May, he decided to form the Organization of Afro-American Unity (OAAU). Malcolm returned to New York the following month to create the OAAU and on June 28 gave his first public address on behalf of the new organization at the Audubon Ballroom in the Washington Heights section of Manhattan. That address appears below.”

From Black Past

“Malcolm X By Any Means Necessary Compilation”

Malcolm X By Any Means Necessary Compilation (2021) - Google Search

Source:Baseball Ruski– Nation of Islam Minister Malcolm X.

From Baseball Ruski

This photo is from a speech or from several speeches that Nation of Islam Minister Malcolm X gave in the early or mid 1960s about what he means by Any Means Necessary and his vision for Black Power in America. But the video that this photo is from is not currently available online right now.

Malcolm X Network_ Malcolm X- By Any Means Necessary_ A Look at African-American Nationalism _ The Daily Press

Source:Malcolm X Network– Nation of Islam Minister Malcolm X during the 1960s.

As Minister Malcolm X said multiple times in this video, he wasn’t advocating violence by African-Americans or any other Americans. His vision was about freedom for the African-American community and to accomplish that by any means necessary. What he was saying was that if an African-American is under physical attack by a Caucasian or anyone else, that African-Americans have the right to self-defense and to defense themselves when they’re under physical attack. Which is obviously very different from what Reverend Dr. Martin L. King was talking about which was nonviolence at any costs, even when African-Americans are under physical attack.

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