Focus On The Family: Dr. James Dobson- Ted Bundy’s Last Interview (1989)

Ted Bundy FULL final interview from 23rd January 1989 + Interview with Dr_ James Dobson

Source:Focus On The Family– convicted serial murderer Ted Bundy, being interviewed by Dr. James Dobson, in 1989.

Source:The Daily Press 

“I have found this video on the website “Veoh”, yet I was unable to find it on YouTube, so I have decided to download it from Veoh and upload it here, for a wider audience.

This video includes the full and uncut final interview of serial killer Theodore “Ted” Robert Bundy, made on 23rd January 1989, with Dr. James Dobson, right inside the Florida State Prison, situated in the city of Raiford, less than a day before his execution on the electric chair, which happened in the morning on 7:15 AM on the following day, with Ted Bundy being declared dead just one minute later, on 7:16 AM.

This video also includes an interview with Dr. James Dobson, at the beginning of the video and also at the end of the video, while the interview with Ted Bundy is to be found between these two sections. Again, I have searched a lot for the full interview with Ted Bundy on YouTube, yet I was unable to find any video on here, that includes the full, uncut interview and which also does not include any subtitles or any kind of audio delay. The video quality is the same video quality from the original video found on Veoh. I did also not cut or edit anything on it. The video is 55 minutes and 40 seconds long, yet after 55 minutes and 9 seconds, the last 31 seconds of the video only include an old-fashioned test screen, so there will be nothing more to see.”

From Q’nqüra

Ted Bundy

Source:Focus On The Family– convicted serial murderer Ted Bundy, being interviewed by Dr. James Dobson, in 1989.

Some background is needed for this interview: Dr. James Dobson is one of the leaders of the religious-right or the so-called Moral Majority in America, that looks down on alcohol, tobacco, pornography, homosexuality, pre-marital sex, the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s, to be more specific. And Ted Bundy is one of the most successful serial murderers we’ve ever seen in the United States. Ted Bundy is trying to simply save his life. And Dr. Dobson wants to show Americans the dangers of pornography.

And late in his life I guess after Ted Bundy finally admitted that he was guilty of the murders he was convicted of he started explaining why they happened and how they came about. And as he says in the interview he’s not blaming alcohol and pornography for what he did. And takes responsibility for these murders at least in this interview. But saying that he was under the influence of alcohol and pornography during these crimes. Which gave Dr. Dobson an opportunity to push his message of why alcohol and pornography are bad for society.

This was about Ted Bundy trying to save his life and show people who he’s not as evil as he was portrayed because of all the horrible murders and rapes that he committed. That was Bundy’s motivation here and why he also admitted to other murders that he wasn’t convicted of. Because he wanted a stay of execution and not be executed. Even if that meant living the rest of his life in prison.

Dr. Dobson at the very least was smart enough to see that. But I believe used this interview anyway to try to showcase what he sees as the dangers of pornography in America.

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