The Economist: Americas View: Affirmative Action in Brazil: Slavery’s Legacy: Why America Should Abandoned Affirmative Action As Brazil Starts it



Affirmative action in Brazil: Slavery's legacy | The Economist.

As a Liberal I take Dr. Martin L. King’s I have a dream speech that one day his children would be judged by the content of their character. And not by the color of their skin seriously but I apply it to all Americans not saying that Dr. King didn’t but. There seems to be this attitude that racism and bigotry shouldn’t be tolerated when it’s applied to certain groups of people but that. It’s okay when it’s applied to others because minorities have suffered in this country because of their race and ethnicity. As well as Caucasian women and that Caucasians as a whole have benefited. But that when racism is applied to majorities even majority women. It’s okay because it benefits people who’ve been left behind and it’s a small price to pay. My attitude as a Liberal who wants to live in a colorblind as well as racial blind and ethnic blind society is that. We only get there if we create that for ourselves and practice these things and individuals are treated as individuals. And not members of groups that if you want to eliminate racism and other forms of bigotry in this country. The first step is to stop practicing it no matter who it’s suppose to benefit or deny.

If we are going to have an equal protection clause and civil-rights in this country. Which we do then they should apply to everyone and that no one should be denied to benefit simply because of. Their race, ethnicity, gender or sexuality and no one should benefit from those things even it is only one consideration. That what we need in this country is have strong civil-rights and anti-discrimination enforcement in this country. So people who practice bigotry in this country would pay a steep price for it and it would be doing themselves a financial as well as professional. Diservice by practicing bigotry and could even cost them their jobs of business and so fourth. As well as a real public-education system in this country so all Americans have access to a quality. Education who attend public-schools and all have the opportunity to get themselves the skills that they need to be successful in life. To the point that schools and employers would be doing themselves a diservice by denying people access to these things. Because of their race, ethnicity, gender or sexuality.

The cure for racism in America is not more racism but to eliminate racism and bigotry outright. So it’s no longer practiced and you do that by cracking down on bigots who practice it and by giving. Everyone the opportunity to be successful in life so bigotry wouldn’t be a good idea to practice. Because of the legal consequences that would come from it but also because of the access to quality talent. That schools and employers would lose access to.

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