Leathered Life: Topmodel Larissa- In Miss Sixty Leather Jeans

Scrione Andre_ Topmodel Larissa- in Miss Sixty Leather Jeans

Source:Leathered Life– Leatherd Life model Larissa, in Miss Sixty leather jeans.

Source:The New Democrat

“Larissa – Topmodel in Miss Sixty Leather Pants”

From Scrione Andre 

Larissa is one of the beautiful brunettes over at Leathered Life who models Miss Sixty leather jeans for them. I don’t like her as much as Laura and Lena, but she’s very sexy in black leather.

Leathered Life

Source:Leathered Life– Leathered Life model Larissa, in Miss Sixty leather jeans.

Now here’s a woman whose not ashamed of at least one of her assets. I guess you sort of have to approve of your assets to be a fashion model, especially a leather model who wears skin-tight leather jeans on a regular basis, which is what Larissa does for Leathered Life.

Leathered Life_ Topmodel Larissa- in Miss Sixty Leather Jeans _ The New Democrat

Source:Leathered Life– model in Miss Sixty leather jeans.

Beautiful sexy woman in a leather jacket, boots and yes Miss Sixty leather jeans. And showing herself off in this outfit.

I’m an Agnostic because I obviously don’t know if there is a God or multiple Gods or not, otherwise I wouldn’t be an Agnostic. But if there is a God, thank God for women like this and I hope he just continues to produce women like this so guys such as myself can continue to check them out and blog about them and get the word out about them.

Videos like this would what the Christian Right and so-called Moral Majority would say are “immoral and should be banned and taken down by government”. Radical feminists would say “these videos are an example of women being abused and forced into pleasing the man and another example of male sexist power”, or something.

The rest of us would say whether we like the video or not, here’s a professional model doing her job and the more people who see her, the better she does and the more power to her. That is where I am not only as a man, but as a Liberal who believes in free choice and expression.

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