Retro TV: ‘The Unforgettable Diana Dors’

IMDB_ 'The Unforgettable Diana Dors'

Source:IMDB– English Muffin Diana Dors, is certainly unforgettable.

Source:The New Democrat 

“Short documentary profiling the life of British ‘Blonde Bombshell’ Diana Dors, who died of cancer in 1984. Movie clips and TV footage is mixed with celebrity interviews, including rare appearances by actor Rod Steiger and veteran director J. Lee Thompson. There is some interesting location work at Dors’ lavish Sunningdale mansion and plenty of long-unseen film clips, but the documentary ultimately glosses over her scandalous, and often seedy, life.”


“The Unforgettable Diana Dors.”

The Unforgettable Diana Dors

Source:Retro TV– English Muffin Diana Dors.

From Retro TV

Diana Dors

Source:The New Democrat– Unforgettable English Muffin Diana Dors.

Three famous, big, blonde baby-faced Hollywood bombshells of the 1950s and 1960s, that I’m interested in here which would be Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, and of course Diana Dors,

Diana, ( English Muffin as I call her, ) Diana is my favorite. I just wish she was around a lot longer, at least 25-30 longer. She had it all physically, obviously, but she was also a hell of an actress with a great personality and sense of humor.

Diana reminds me a lot of Shelley Winters physically and personally, as well as Elizabeth Taylor. Women who are great actress’s, but also have great personalities and sense of humor’s and make people around them feel really good.

I also wish that Diana worked in America and Hollywood longer and did more movies here. She wouldn’t have had to live here, but it would’ve been nice to have her in America in longer, because she would’ve had a great career here and become one of the best actress’s of her generation.

Diana was such a great actress who could make people believe she was the person she was playing. Who didn’t have any real personal issues around her like being addicted to any drug whatsoever, including alcohol. The only real issues in Diana’s personal life, were the men she was with and the people she hung out with. But she was pretty professional and took care of herself.

I think the only real issue with Diana and her career, is that she really only worked when she wanted to. Had she worked more and been more active, she would’ve had a bigger career, because there would’ve been a lot of good roles for her in good movies.

Diana was big in the 1950s and take time off in the 1960s and doesn’t come back to America in the 1970s at all, except to do interviews with American media on talk shows, like Merv Griffin. She was someone who made a lot of money early and then spent a lot of it and would come back and work to be able to support herself and live the lifestyle that she wanted.

But I don’t believe Diana is someone who ever believed she had to be in the spotlight and have people thinking about her and talking about her. In order to be happy in life. Diana was a professional entertainer in the sense that he was knew what she was doing and was very good at it and had the skills, but also in the sense that she entertained to support herself and her family, and to live the lifestyle that she wanted, but not to be famous and to always be in the spotlight. And I respect all of that, I just wish she got to see her work more, because she was so entertaining, as well as attractive and intelligent.

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