Washington Post: Video: Chris Cillizza: Third Party Time?



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Chris Cillizza: Third party time? – YouTube.

A third-party would be great for the country especially a new Center-Right party to replace the Republican Party. And then maybe we can talk about a multiple-party-system long-term that would include parties. On the Far-Left and Far-Right but the Republican Party is imploding and even though the Democratic Party. Is certainly not perfect, as a Democrat I would be one of the first people to admit that. But the Republican Party doesn’t represent half of the country right now. Even though officially they may represent 1/3 of the electorate. They are only speaking and listening to about 15-20% of the country which is the Tea Party. That seems to have most of the money and power right now with every other Republican. More worried about losing their job or being primaried than taking on the partisan-right of the party. That is not there to govern but simply to push their partisan ideological political agenda. Including defeating Republicans that they see as rhinos even if these Republicans are the. Actual real Conservatives in the party who know how to govern and avoid disasters for the country.

So the country needs a third-party especially since the Republican Party seems headed down this. Road of implosion where they are only interested in saving their current jobs and not losing them. In the current Congress let alone next Congress, hint hint Speaker John Boehner. And we are probably going to need a third-party that is on the Center-Right. So the Democratic Party has some real competition coming from the Right to balance what it. Represents on the Center-Left to give Americans a real balance and real competition. Representing the responsible mainstream values, ideas and policies from the Left and Right in America. And that is not going to happen as long as we have a Center-Left responsible governing party. Versus’s a party that is only interested in accomplishing what they’ve set out to accomplish. Even if they do not have the power to accomplish it and where elections do not matter to them at all. Because they still have this agenda to push at all costs.

Theoretically putting together a Center-Right third-party would be fairly easy. You take today’s Northeastern-Republicans as well as some Midwestern-Republicans. To go along with today’s Blue Dog Southern-Democrats who are not the Southern-Democrats of the 1950s and 60s. But fiscally Conservative oriented Democrats who believe in things like civil liberties. Civil rights, equal protection things that real Conservative believe in. And you put them in a new lets say Independence Party with fiscally Conservative minded Independents. Who use to be Republicans but who are fed up with the religious-right, the Tea Party and the. Partisanship of the GOP and you would see the Republican Party disappear if they didn’t wake up. And become responsible and let their party become nothing but a Bible Belt Neo-Confederate party. Which is what would happen if this Independence Party were to emerge and replace today’s GOP.

The problems that today’s potential third-parties have are the same problems they had forty-five years ago. And you would probably need a national movement to push Democrats and Republicans. To make this happen and overcome it which would be to change the rules. And put in things like universal ballot access and polling so voters could see exactly the. Whole list of candidates that are running and what they are about and everything else. And then you would need money a serious revenue stream that could make this happen. And it would probably take someone like a Mike Bloomberg to put the money together to get this up and running.

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