VOA News: Judy Tableou- Prison Work Farm Rehabs Inmates, Horses

Prison FarmSource: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat

This is exactly what prison inmates in general population who want to build their lives and become productive in life should be doing. Which is working, but working in a field with the skills needed so they not only have good jobs in prison, but also now have the right job skills and job experience needed to get themselves a good job once they leave prison. And not need to come back to prison because now they have the skills they need to do well in life legally. This is a much taxpayer investment than to lockup inmates all day except for their meals and yard time and perhaps doing a few chores, that is for inmates who are in general population. Where all they learn there is how to become better criminals.

VOA News: Judy Tableou- Prison Work Farm Rehabs Inmates, Horses

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