Associated Press: Raw Video- President Obama on The Budget Battle

White House

Source:The White House– President Barack Obama, on the government shutdown.

“In an exclusive sit-down interview with the Associated Press, President Barack Obama said there are enough members of the House to vote to reopen the government and to avoid the first ever default, insisting the only obstacle is Speaker Boehner. (Oct. 5)”

AP Interview_ Obama on the Budget Battle

Source:Associated Press– President Barack Obama, talking to the AP about the government shutdown.

Source:Associated Press

Apparently there isn’t any weekly presidential address this week because of the government shutdown. And the people who put this together have been furloughed because of the government shutdown but President Obama. Still needing to get his message out doing this interview instead. But he’s right that if Speaker John Boehner brings the Senate clean government funding bill using the House budget numbers to the House floor. It would pass with something like thirty Republican Representatives voting for it and the government shutdown would be over.

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