VOA News: Henry Ridgewell- Kurdish Gains in Syria Rattle Turkey: A Turkish/Syrian Kurdish Alliance?

What’s going on in lets call it Syrian Kurdistan is bad news for the Assad Regime. As Kurdish Syrians are now able to police and govern the communities there. What’s supposed to be the national government of Syria, better known as the Assad Regime, are now unable to govern parts of their own country, including a significant border area with Turkey. A large country of 70M people, as well as a democracy and a country that also has a Kurdish community. Kurdish Syrians like the Syrian rebels want their country to move past the Assad Regime and set their own course in life.

The Syrian rebels want their country back and move Syria forward. Not have to worry about being arrested because of who they are hanging out with, what they are saying, what they are reading, where they work, how they practice religion and so-forth. According to the Kurdish Turk in this video, they aren’t even looking for their own Kurdish state in Turkey, but to live in Syria in peace and in freedom. And since they are now governing this community and with the Prime Minister of Syria now defecting to the Syrian Opposition, they may soon have that opportunity.

This is all evidence that the Assad Regime is not only losing grip on this country, we already knew that. With the Syrian rebels occupying key parts of the biggest city in Syria in Aleppo. Including setting up their own hospital and prison. But that support for the Syrian rebels is not limited and that Kurdish Syrians now support this effort. As well as former members of the Assad Regime and hopefully this movement will only get stronger. For the Syrian people to be able to finally govern themselves they are going to have to be united against the Assad Regime. And work together to bring it down.

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