Leathered Life: Ricarda- in Tight Leather Jeans in Boots

Jeans in Boots

Source:Leathered Life– Ricarda, from Leathered Life

Source:The Daily Press

“Mature biker woman in tight leather pants.” Originally from Leathered Life, but the video has since been deleted or blocked on YouTube.

There are a lot of YouTube videos of sexy women in tight leather and denim jeans. And the person shooting the video tends to call the women, mature to describe them. Even though these women are probably in their late thirties, or perhaps even mid-thirties and perhaps some cases early forties. Obviously not older women and at best in all cases early middle age women.

Which tells me the people and I guessing guys in most cases are really young, like in their early or mid-twenties and look like kids to someone who is about my age or even younger. I think this is just one characteristic of people from the Y Generation. People who are not like them and a bit older, but perhaps not a lot older, seem older than them, because they the 20th Century or something or parts of it.

The woman in this video is a beautiful sexy woman, who looks great in this biker outfit. A leather biker outfit with the leather jeans in boots. And I’m sure she is mature compared with someone who just turned old enough to drink legally in America. But she’s not only by any standard, except for someone who was perhaps just born yesterday.

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