Clinton Foundation: Video: Year in Review 1998

Monica & Bill

Monica & Bill

Year in Review 1998 – YouTube.

What started out as what could’ve been a huge year for President Clinton, Speaker New Gingrich and Senate Leader Trent Lott. As far as the issues that they planned on working on together in a Bipartisan way in 1998. They wanted to deal with real entitlement reform of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. And even real healthcare reform something that President Clinton failed to get though a Democratic Congress in 1993-94. All of these things were gone by the second week of January, 1998 when Monica Lewinski. Became the latest famous celebrity in American culture and this is basically the rest of that story that you didn’t see in that video. Thanks to the Lewinski that Bill Clinton brought onto himself that of course the Republican Party. Went way too far with and I’m not going to argue that because it is the truth. It should’ve never gotten to impeachment after it was clear what had gone on. But the fact is Bill Clinton gave his opponents lets call them, the hammer and they hit him over the head as much as they. Could with it for over a year and 1998 became a lost year in the Clinton presidency.

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