VOA News: Non-Believers Create Political Pressure Group

Fundamentalist Atheist

Fundamentalist Atheist


Source: VOA News: Non-Believers Create Political Pressure Group

Atheists are one of the largest minority groups in America but they are still a minority group. In the largest Christian country in the West as far as which religion is the strongest in numbers. And that of course we have the right to believe or not believe but Atheists want to be respected and taken seriously. Then they as well as fundamentalists because Americans tend not to like religious intolerance or bigotry in general. These groups need to be careful about trying to force their views on themselves. Be public with what they believe if they choose but not look down on people simply because they disagree with you. When it comes to religion otherwise they’ll look like bigots and seen as part of a fringe. Rather than a mainstream group of good Americans.

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