Washington Post: Video: Tyler Cowen: Tears in America’s Social Safety Net?

Social Insurance

Social Insurance

Tyler Cowen: Tears in America’s Social Safety Net? – YouTube.

The real debate about the safety net in America should be about exactly what is it and what should it be for. Rather than trying to destroy it or end it which most of the country probably doesn’t want to do especially if they know what it is. And the debate should be about what do we need it to so and what we want from it. Do we want it to be there to take care of people and even look after people and provide for them so they don’t have to take. Care of themselves and not be able to make mistakes which is really what a welfare state is about. Or should it be an insurance system there for people but only when they need it. Like when they are out of work or do not have a big enough pension. Lack the skills to get a good job, can’t afford healthcare etc.

I would argue as a Liberal that we want as many people as possible in America with the freedom to take care of themselves. But then you have a safety net for people who need it when they are out of work and the other examples that I mentioned. But that it is not governments job to take care of people even protect them from themselves. But be there for people when they need it which is what limited government is about at least how I look at it. Rather than have an expansionist government that needs a lot of our own income if not most of it. To spend for us to take care of us for ourselves. Rather than having an economy where most people are able to get the skills that they need to have the freedom to take care of. Themselves which is what Liberal-Democracy is about, having the freedom to be able to make your own decisions. And run your own life rather than being dependent on government to make those decisions for you.

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