Joey Teefizz: MISL 1987-12/19/86-New York Express @ Chicago Sting: Highlights

MISL New York Express at Chicago Sting 12-19-86_mpg (2011) - Google Search

Source:Joey Teefizz– the New York Arrows trying not to get stung, by the Chicago Sting, in Rosemont, Illinois. (Pun intended)

Source:The Daily Press

“MISL Soccer at the Rosemont Horizon in Chicago. Frank Klopas with a good game…Shep Messing Halftime Interview”

From Joey Teefizz

I guess the Chicago Sting struggling to draw fans to their games and moved from the Chicago Stadium, which was one of the better downtown sports arenas for both hockey and basketball, as well as concerts and other events in America, out to Rosemont, Illinois one of the suburbs of Chicago.

Chicago was never a great market for the MISL. The Sting and other clubs that they tried in that huge market which is one of the better soccer markets in America, was never great for arena soccer. Not that arena soccer can’t work there, but the sport needs to be better marketed in that market. Same thing with New York, Los Angles, Washington (to use as other examples) where there are several other sports franchises in those markets. But also where there’s also a lot for people to do there outside of sports.

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