DW-TV: Claudia Kleinert- Doing the Weather

Claudia Kleinert

Source:DW-TV– Claudia Kleinert, doing the weather from Berlin, Germany.

Source:The Daily Press

“Am Samstag dem 19.01.2013 moderierte Claudia Kleinert sehr charmant und verführerisch das Wetter im Ersten.”

From DW-TV

Can you imagine an American female meteorologist doing the weather in skinny denim jeans in boots? And perhaps there are a few local female meteorologists who do that. Or perhaps they do it on smaller cable channels that show mostly entertainment and entertainment news.

But how about a national TV network or a cable news network with a sexy woman like Claudia Kleinert with her body especially her legs showing today’s whether in skinny jeans in boots. I’ll tell you one thing, more guys would watch the weather. Even if they live in Los Angeles or Miami where the weather almost never changes.

European women tend to be more liberal as far as how they dress even at work and even in the news media and even in the broadcast news media. They are further along than the American news media when it comes with style and how you are supposed to dress at work.

Skinny denims aren’t considered sloppy over there at work if you dress them up with a nice shirt as Claudia is wearing in this weather cast. And the jeans are stylish as well and not looking pornographic where they don’t cover the woman’s whole body and you are always looking for the butt crack when the woman sits down or gets up.

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