The Daily Caller: Real Time With Bill Maher- ‘Why Can’t America be More Like Canada?’


Source:The DC Shorts– comedian Martin Short, on Real Time With Bill Maher, in 2011.

Source:The Daily Press

“‘Canada is a country that has health care and not a lot of gun violence. And we’ve become just a more war-like mean, cramped conservative country'”

From The DC Shorts

Why can’t Canada be more like Canada? Well, because America is America and Canada. (To be as overly simplistic as possible) Canadians are a very collectivist and a very welfare-centric country. America likes their individual freedom and individualism, their personal freedom, the ability to make their own decisions without Big Government trying to tax them to death because Uncle Sam believes it’s more qualified to spend Americans money better than them.

With Canadians, I think they don’t mind Big Government spending a lot of their money for them, just as long as the services that they get are good and their money is spent well. The political cultures in both countries are just very different.

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