With all eyes on deficit, hawks know Pentagon cuts are coming – TheHill.com

With all eyes on deficit, hawks know Pentagon cuts are coming – TheHill.com.

Anyone who says and believes that there’s no waste in the Defense Department. Even though the Secretary of Defense a republican by the way and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs believes there is. Is out to lunch and never came back, went to a Marijuana Festival and never came back down. Left the Real World to get a break from reality or is simply lying. Secretary Gates would like to see 50B$ a year in Defense Waste. Even Rep. Paul Ryan Chairman of the Budget Committee acknowledges that there’s waste in the Defense Department with his Budget Plan. Members of the Tea Party have acknowledge this. And have said that everything should be on the table when it comes to Deficit Reduction. The Speaker of the House has acknowledge that Defense Spending should be on the table when it comes to Deficit Reduction. Its only Neo Conservatives and Deficit Hawks, the John Bolton’s of the World who believe otherwise.

President Obama and Senate Leader Reid will never get a clean Debt Ceiling bill from the House. Speaker Boehner has made that clear. Any Debt Ceiling bill will have additional Budget Cuts in it. Especially with Standards and Poors downgrading American Debt on Monday. That just makes this more clear. Which I think this is a good thing, because if your going to request to borrow even more money. Then you should show some ability to pay it back. Especially when your debt equals your Net Worth. In this case the American Economy of 14T$ but with a National Debt of over 90% of that. I say great lets make more Budget Cuts, even though the Federal Government just agreed to a record one year Budget Cut two weeks ago. I say great lets put in the Defense Cuts that Secretary Gates wants as well as eliminate subsidy’s for Big Oil and Gas. And let these people play their role in “Shared Sacrifice” as well.

The House GOP as much as they might want will never be able to Balance the Federal Budget. Just by cutting 13% of the Federal Budget. Defense, Entitlements, Corporate Welfare represent most of the budget. And there’s plenty of waste that Tax Payers finance to go around. Another words everything should be on the table to either cut or at least reform.

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