The New Republic: Opinion: Noam Scheiber: Bed Wetting Leftists: Democrats Who Freak Out Over Setbacks: The Political Faction That Makes the Perfect the Enemy of the Good

The New Republic: Opinion: Noam Scheiber: Bed Wetting Leftists: Democrats Who Freak About Setbacks

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There’s a faction in the Democratic Party, the far-left fringe,  as well as the broader far-left in America,who, to put it simply, make the perfect the enemy of the good. Any Democrat who doesn’t give them exactly what they want, which is generally some new tax increase,  federal program, nationalization of a sector of the economy, or rules and regulations about certain private industries, automatically gets labeled as a corporate sellout.

To give you a clearer idea of this faction, they think that eating meat is some type of animal cruelty and cutting down one tree is an environmental  atrocity.  They believe that fathers are not important and that women should rule the world all together, not just be in charge of rearing the kids, also that masculinity should be eliminated all together.

They claim that any type of negative speech is automatically bigotry and that any such speech should be prohibited regardless of any constitutional protections.

They believe that right-wingers should not have a voice in America, that FOX News should be outlawed or nationalized, and that they should be in charge of the media.  They appear to be in favor of   nationalization of  the media. Anyone who thinks that fascism only comes from the right is not very  knowledgable about the American far-left that wants to be in complete control of information dissemination in this country.

The far-left in America are not liberals. They believe that the Neo-Communists running the government in Venezuela are good people, doing a good job  to the point that they shouldn’t have a Democratic opposition.  They believe that  the Democratic opposition in Venezuela should be put in jail.  They also believe that  the far-right in America should be put in jail.

These leftists statists will never have any real power in America  through the liberal democratic process, because they will always be outnumbered by 7-1. or more.  Americans do not want government to have control over their lives, economically or personally.  They do not  believe that women should control the whole country or that Caucasians, from the South and rural America, are all bigots.  As a Democrat myself, I wish they would get the hell out of the Democratic Party and form their own Socialist or Communist party so that the Democratic Leadership would no longer have to listen to them. 

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