ABC News: This Week- ‘Powerhouse Roundtable Discusses Government Shutdown’

Speaker of The House of Representatives. Or Speaker of The House Republicans?

Source:ABC News– Speaker of The House of Representatives, or Speaker of The House Republicans?

“Cokie Roberts, Jonathan Karl, Paul Gigot, Soledad O’Brien, and Steven Rattner on “This Week.”

Source:ABC News

The White House is waiting for the House Republican Leadership to fall. And that happens with vulnerable House Republicans for 2014 who are in tough districts going to Speaker Boehner and. Telling him that you gotta end this and make a deal with President Obama and Senate Democrats. Because I’m in a tough race and I’m not going to lose my seat over this. So either you make a deal with Democrats or I’ll go along and support House Democrats efforts to bring up the. Senate passed clean spending bill that doesn’t have ObamaCare language on it.

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