Associated Press: Raw Video- President Obama- Not at All Resigned to a Shutdown

President of The United States

President of The United States

Source: Associated Press: Raw Video- President Obama Not At All Resigned to a Shutdown

President Obama and Congressional Democrats have the high ground here holding the Senate and White House. Reelected last year with the Affordable Care Act as a big part of that election even though so-called ObamaCare. Was still unpopular then and with the U.S. Supreme Court ruling the controversial legislation constitutional. And guess what the voters and Supreme Court get the final say on this and all other legislation. Until it is repealed in other words the Affordable Care Act is the law of the land until the Republican Party has the. Power to repeal or defund the law and of course they would repeal it if they could which they simply. Can’t right now and only the Tea Party in the Republican Party doesn’t seem to get that. Because they are in a my way or no way approach but is more than that. It is our way or we take everybody else down with us and let them suffer the consequences of our actions. Meaning the Republican Party will be the only ones and anyone in the United States who needs the. Federal Government for something will pay the price for this.

We are talking about funding the United States Government here something that Congress and the President have to do every year. By law and under the U.S. Constitution they have to do this and do not have a choice. What they don’t have to do is trying to repeal a law that was already passed by Congress, signed by President Obama. And upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court, as well as the people who voted for it and ran in favor of it in Congress. Especially the Democratic Leadership in the House and Senate being reelected with more seats both in the. House and Senate with President Obama winning a landslide in the Electoral College. The people have spoken on this and an overwhelming majority of the country wants Congress to do. Its main job at least which is to fund the Federal Government and pay its bills. Not fight over issues that have already been settled that only the Tea Party hasn’t admitted are. Over whether or not to keep the Affordable Care Act or repeal it.

It is the Tea Party Caucus in the House of Representatives that is acting irresponsible. And not the job of the President of the United States to fix their own mess. Which means only the House Republican Leadership can fix this problem which is to say we are going to fund the. Federal Government including so-called ObamaCare but at our funding levels not the. Democrats and we are going to move on to the debt ceiling debate where we have more room to stand on. Only the House Republican Leadership can fix a problem created by the Tea Party.

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