U.S. Senate Democrats: Video: Reasonable Republicans Reject Extremist Republicans Shutdown Agenda

Off The Deep End

Off The Deep End

Reasonable Republicans Reject Extremist Republicans' Shutdown Agenda – YouTube.

Shutting down the Federal Government is bad for everyone else because shutting down the government. Means workers not able to go to work and would lose pay as a result. And public services that people need will be delayed or not received at all so that is why this is a. Dangerous idea especially to do it over one law that was already passed by Congress and ruled constitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court. Elections have consequences and if Republicans want to repeal the Affordable Care Act. They simply need more power at the federal level than just having a small majority in the House of Representatives. They need a united Congress and that means controlling the Senate as well and they also need the White House. They won’t be able to control all of these things together that they need to repeal the ACA until at least 2017. But House Republicans shutting down the Federal Government especially over one issue which looks. Stupid to everyone outside of the Tea Party. Is great politics because the House Republicans will get blamed for it and everyone Republican in Congress or running for. Congress in 2014 House and Senate will take the heat for it and put the House in play for Democrats. And increase Democrats chances of holding the Senate as well.

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