Accidentally In Love: Video: Marilyn Monroe, Amazing

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Amazing can really sum up the short life of Marilyn Monroe. You can really do it in one word, it’s just that you have to apply it to so many aspects about her. Because there was nothing average about Marilyn in the thirty-six years that she lived from her very humble childhood. To her being discovered in her early twenties. To her becoming the star that she became and how she presented herself throughout her career and as the star that she became. Died fifty-two years ago and is still missed today and had she matured and learned to take care of herself, she could very well still be alive today and perhaps still out in public as a goddess in her late eighties. If anyone could do that, it would’ve been Marilyn Monroe. The women of so many talents physical and professional, but lacked the maturity to see them through.
Marilyn Monroe

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