Associated Press: Raw Video- President Obama Says He’ll Address Nation on Syria

44th POTUS

44th POTUS

Source: Associated Press: Raw Video- President Obama Says He’ll Address Nation on Syria

Smart move by President Obama, because even though it looks like Congress will back him on Syria, he doesn’t have the support of the country yet which would be nice to have. Since the United Nations and NATO probably won’t support this either. Neoconservatives in Congress, especially Senator’s John McCain and Lindsay Graham, have criticized President Obama, for not acting sooner and ding enough on Syria. Now that President Obama is ready to act and perhaps do it in a limited way and we’re not talking about invading and occupying a country the size of Syria, even with all the success we had when we did that in a bigger country like Iraq, the so-called defense hawks in Congress, especially House and Senate Republicans, should back the President. And if they believe he should go further, then make the case. Instead of trying to obstruct him simply because’s Barack Obama and the Far-Right hates him.

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