Chris Van Hollen: Video: U.S. Rep. Van Hollen Discusses Democratic Caucus Meeting With President Obama

Economic Growth

Economic Growth

Van Hollen discusses Democratic Caucus meeting with President Obama – YouTube.

President Obama would be smart to bring in some Senate Democrats and Republicans who are knowledgable and interested. And in position of leadership to deal with infrastructure investment and tax reform especially for business. Bring in a bipartisan coalition that he could work with in these areas and if there are any House Republicans in these areas. Willing to work with the President on these things as well. Great bring in those Representatives as well along with House Democrats who work in these areas and can work with Republicans. And tell these members of Congress from both the Senate and House that this is what I believe we. Should do to get economic and job growth going in America and I want to work with you in these areas. And I want your ideas in these areas and put this into one package and send it to Congress for them to act on it. And the Republican House unless Speaker Boehner is in on these discussions probably won’t take this plan up right away. But the Democratic Senate would and maybe a deal is reached by the end of the year in the Senate.

President Obama has already put on the table both infrastructure investment and tax reform that encourages. Business’s to invest and make money inside the United States rather than moving those jobs and profits oversees. That means lowering business taxes on companies that invest, expand and hire in the United States and keeps those jobs in the United States. Get rid of corporate welfare and use those subsidies to pay for tax cuts that encourage. Economic and business growth inside of the United States. For expansion as well as hiring and also develop a 5-10 year infrastructure plan at around one trillion dollars. That includes a national infrastructure bank that would prioritize infrastructure projects in America. Whether it is repairs or expansion and this would be financed by the private sector. They would put up money and make profits on those investments from the people who use those roads. And bridges, buildings, airports and other things and the NIB would get a cut of that to pay for their operations as well.

President Obama and Congress could put together an economic growth package of around one trillion dollars or so over 5-10 years. And pay for the whole thing through the private sector and moving current subsidies around that are already in place. But do not contribute to economic growth and add to our debt and deficit. And new infrastructure investment and tax reform for business’s already has the support of President Obama. And already has bipartisan support in the Congress as well. That is what we should be doing to create economic and job growth in this country.

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