AP: Raw Video: President Obama Challenge GOP to Accept Corporate Tax Deal

Job Creation

Job Creation

Obama Challenge GOP to Accept Corporate Tax Deal – YouTube.

I like the idea of giving business’s that invest in America tax cuts and make that as part of tax reform. That any dollar they make inside the United States and every job they create in the United States. They would pay lower taxes on those investments than they would had they invested that money oversees. Which would make American business’s more competitive with foreign business’s that are based in countries that have lower business taxes than we do. This should be part of tax reform that goes along with eliminating corporate welfare all together. And replacing it with what I would call corporate workfare. That those subsidies would be transferred over for things that benefit the American economy. Like training low-skilled workers and other workers so they can move up in these companies. Pensions, health insurance, opening up new plants, offices, factories and so forth. Rather than cutting business taxes and hoping for the best and than those business’s just pocketing the money.

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