Foreign Affairs: Opinion: Michael J. Koplow: Officers and Democrats: The Future of Egyptian Democracy

Egyptian Democracy

Egyptian Democracy

Officers and Democrats | Foreign Affairs.

There are two opponents and factions that are standing in the way of Egyptian Democracy at least as I see it. The leftovers of the Mubarak regime that want to continue to see Egypt as a military dictatorship where a lot of the power of the state rests with the military. But a Moderate regime by Middle Eastern standards. And the Islamic-Theocrats that want to see Egypt become an Arab Iran the faction that ousted President Muhammad Morsi came from. Where life if the had their way would become very restrictive for Egyptians especially for women. Because the whole country would be under an interpretation of Islamic law. One of the things that former President Hosni Mubarak was successful at was containing the Islamic-Theocrats in. Egypt through torture and police roundups and holding them in prison indefinitely. But now that Egypt is functioning somewhat as a Democracy with people able to move around and speak. Out the Islamists are getting and having their say as well.

Ideally for Egypt to be a truly functioning Democracy with Egyptians able to live in freedom. Some type of federal republic needs to merge there. Whether that means changing their constitution if that is not already there. Where there are checks and balances. An executive branch that the President would oversee. And legislative branch that the Egyptian Parliament would make up. A judicial branch that a federal court system would make up including a Supreme Court. As well as state or provincial as well as local governments that would have similar systems. With all of these branches and governments all part of the same country but independent of each other. Rather than most if not all power in the country resting in one authority or one part of one government. Like in Iran where most of the power of the whole country and society rests with its Islamic Council that the Supreme Leader oversees.

Egypt does have a Democratic Party a Liberal-Democratic Party either. And when new national elections are held in Egypt this party will have the opportunity to emerge and hopefully. Form a government there and perhaps Egypt will have a real constitution that backs these Liberal-Democratic values. And once something like this were in place, Egypt would then have a system in place that promotes Democracy with checks and balances. And an opportunity to move past dictatorial rule.

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