New York Times: Economix- Annie Lowry- “Ending Poverty by Giving the Poor Money”: Empowering People to Get Themselves Out of Poverty

Welfare State

Welfare State


Source: The New York Times: Economix-Annie Lowrie- Ending Poverty By Giving The Poor Money

If you got a population in your country that can’t financially afford to take care of themselves. They simply do not make enough money to afford the basic necessities that people need to live or enough of them. And we all know what these things are and you’ve decided as a country however it was done that government through it’s tax payers are. Going to give these people money so they can get the things that people need in life. Writing them a check and seeing what they do with is not the smartest way to do that. If charities want to do that fine but when we are talking about requiring people by law to. Financially assist others including people who struggle just to pay their own bills. You want to know as best as you can that the money you are giving others so they can just. Survive is going just for that and not for other things.

I look at poverty assistance as an investment in human capital that should come with a contract. I give you money and in return you use that money to pay for your basic necessities. While at the same time you are improving yourself and finishing your education and or getting more education. So you can get a job that will allow for you to be able to take care of yourself and get off of public assistance all together whether you. Are currently working or not which benefits the economy as a whole. More tax payers, a more productive and well-educated workforce and more consumers with money to spend. Which benefits everyone and more people paying into public assistance rather than collecting from public assistance.

If you give someone let’s say two hundred fifty bucks a week or four hundred bucks a week to cover all of their expenses. You do not know if they are going to spend all of that money to meet their basic necessities. And if they don’t and overspend in some areas or spend that money on things that tax payers shouldn’t have to pay others to do. And are short in other areas like with their rent or food. They are out of luck unless government steps in to give them more money. But who pays for that tax payers who just saw their money spent on things that the money wasn’t intended for. Like drugs or prostitution or other forms of entertainment when that money was supposed to cover their food or rent. But if you tell them we’ll give you assistance that you need to meet your basic necessities. But you have to spend that money on those items and nothing else. And you have to get an education and are in job-training and looking for a good job. As part of this contract, you get a much better bang for your buck.

Private charities are places where people can go to get the things that people who need to survive. That they can’t get anywhere else where no questions are asked and so forth. And they are financed by private donations but when you are talking about tax dollars. You need to know that money is being spent well and improving the lives of the people who. It’s intended for.

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