The Young Turks: Fox News Swears Liberalism is on Decline: How Cable Talk Doesn’t Represent Liberals & Conservatives

A Right Wing Voice

A Right Wing Voice

I find it hysterical and perhaps somewhat offensive as well when I hear people talk about MSNBC talk and Fox News. As if they represent the Left and Right in America and of course they are talking about Liberals and Conservatives. When that can’t be further from the truth when in actuality MSNBC at best represents the Green Party in America and let’s say the further. Left flank of the Democratic Party to be nice people who tend to identify with the Progressive Caucus. People who are Neo-Leftists in America and not being Roosevelt Progressive-Democrats that they tend to claim to be.

And to be fair Fox News doesn’t really represent the right-wing in America but a part of it that includes some Conservatives. But they at this point really represent an interesting coalition of Tea Party Republicans, the religious-right. Neoconservatives who are basically still fighting the culture-wars of the 1960s and believe America. Has been going downhill ever since and would like to return us to the 1950s politically and culturally. All the evidence you need to know this is to look at the audience’s of MSNBC talk and Fox News. And Fox News is the highest raided American talk network in the country their audience is still relatively small. Compared with the rest of the country.

Their audience is still somewhere in the low millions each night. In a country of three hundred twenty million people so to say they represent the Conservative-movement in America is simply false. They represent at best a fraction of the Conservative-movement in America. And probably represent more religious and Neoconservatives then they do Goldwater Conservatives. They represent a lot of the Tea Party but they are not the voice of the right-wing in America but a voice. And MSNBC represents an even smaller faction of the Left in America. Again the Green Party and other Socialist third parties in America and elements of the Progressive Caucus in America. But they are not the voice of American-Liberals but a voice on the Left.

This idea from Fox News from Bill O’Reilly and perhaps others there that Liberalism is on decline in America. Well you know consider the source and then ask yourself if you do not already know the answer is that credible. And Billy and others will probably quote polls to back up their view but if you look at where Americans are on the issues. Things like the War on Drugs, abortion and other personal choice issues like Homosexuality and Gay marriage. To use as examples as well as civil-liberties and public-education and infrastructure. Liberals are now winning on these issues and have the majority of support.

I tend to look at how Americans look at Liberalism the way Libertarians look at the support for Libertarianism in. America that even though people self-identifying themselves as Liberals or Libertarians. Might be low with self-identified Conservatives, that number is higher if you base these things on. Where people stand on the issues and not how they personally identify their own politics. That there are more Liberals and Libertarians in America but there are people who are simply not aware. That they are or may be Liberal or Libertarian.

Another reason why I believe more Americans do not identify themselves as Liberals and Libertarians. Because of how Liberalism has been stereotyped in America successfully by partisan right-wingers. As people who are a bunch of Socialists and Anarchists or something that want to take people’s money. As much as they can get their hands on and feed big government to take care of us for us. And people who won’t do what it takes to defend the country and view law enforcement as racist and prisons as racist. And so forth and that most minorities who are in prison are there because of their race and not the crime or crimes. They were convicted of.

And I could get into the prohibition views as well. When it comes to alcohol from the 1930s and go to illegal narcotics in the 1970s and 80s and move it up to. Junk food and soft drinks today and Americans tend not to want to associate themselves with people. Who think like this and since people who tend to hold these positions are called Liberals. Americans prefer not to be viewed as Liberal and something else that’s more politically correct. MSNBC is not the voice of Liberalism in America and really isn’t much of a voice for Liberalism in America. But represent the views and people I just described and are the voice of the New-Left in America. That came of age in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

And Fox News is certainly not the voice of American-Conservatism. But a voice that represents some Conservatives as well as other factions on the right-wing. The fact is neither Liberals or Conservatives have a major strong voice that represents their movement. That both political movements are more fractured out and have a lot of different voices speaking for them instead.

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