The Film Archives: The War on Drugs is a Failure

Source: The Film Archives: The War on Drugs is a Failure

So to sum up where the drug warriors are now when it comes to the War on Drugs specifically when it comes to marijuana. Is that the War on Drugs is not working according to Margaret Hoover, but we should continue to support it anyway. Continue to support something that is not working. That makes a lot of sense, what’s conservative about continuing to support something with tax dollars that’s not working. And then Margaret Hoover who I do not mean to pick on, but she lays out exactly perhaps unintentionally why the drug warriors are losing this argument.

Margaret Hoover said that “if we legalize marijuana it would suddenly be available to kids”. Apparently not realizing that if marijuana were to be legalize it would be regulated like alcohol. Twenty one or over to use, possess or purchase marijuana in America. So if you think marijuana would be too available to kids in this country, you should also be looking at alcohol and tobacco. Two drugs that are just as bad or worst than marijuana and how available they are to kids right now and they are legal today.

But there’s more and just to show that I’m not just picking on Margaret Hoover, but also to show why the drug warriors are losing now. You go to Jason Taylor in the video who says that “if we legalize marijuana, heroin and cocaine would be next”. Even though there’s no polling data that supports legalizing heroin or cocaine in this country. Except for maybe when it comes to cocaine and heroin dealers. Mr. Taylor use to play for the Miami Dolphins so perhaps, he met a few of them in South Florida. And that’s why he made that point.

In another brilliant statement Taylor made had to do with “if we can’t successfully fight drugs in this country, why don’t we just legalize bank robberies because we can’t stop bank robbers”. It’s similar to the people who are against gay marriage who say “if we allow men to marry men and women to marry women, what’s next men will be allowed to marry their children and the same thing with women”. When there’s no polling data that’s shows any serious support for any of these things.

This is why I believe the marijuana legalization argument as well as the gay marriage argument is no longer liberal vs. conservative. It’s no longer Left vs. Right even because now we have leftists and rightists who support marijuana legalization and gay marriage. Or at least allowing the states to make these decisions themselves.

Liberals and Progressives on the Left who support marijuana-legalization. And Conservatives and Libertarians on the Right who support it. People who believe these decisions are about freedom and individual choice vs prohibitionists on the Left and Right who are against it even though they are now struggling to explain why.

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