The Washington Post: Dana Milbank- ‘Barack Obama’s Intransigent Backbench’

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Source:The Washington Post– a left-wing wing rally in Washington led by Senator Bernie Sanders (Democratic Socialist, Vermont) opposing any new cuts to social programs.

“Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, red in the face, took off his jacket and rolled up a shirt sleeve — but there was no relief from the discomfort of his affliction.

The poor guy is suffering from triangulation.

The man triangulating him, President Obama, has proposed cuts to Social Security and Medicare as part of an attempt to find a middle ground in the budget debate. For Sanders (I), a liberal member of the Senate Democratic caucus, the betrayal stung so badly that he literally took to the streets, joining left-wing activists for a protest Tuesday afternoon outside the White House.

“When Barack Obama was running for president in 2008, he said that he would not cut Social Security. We want the president to remember what he said and not go back on his word!” Sanders shouted into a microphone, as cops watched warily.”

From The Washington Post  

To put it simply: one of, if not the main differences between being a member of Congress and the President of the United States, is that President’s actually have to govern and get blamed when government doesn’t work and generally get credit when government does work.

It’s easy for someone like Senator Bernie Sanders (Democratic Socialist, Vermont) to say no to any cut to every social program known to man, like Social Security, because he represents Vermont which is known as the Socialist Republic of Vermont.

But when you are President like President Obama and you are now just the leader of the entire Democratic Party, not just the Far-Left flank, but Center-Left Progressives which is where he comes from, you have to govern. And when you have not just a divided government, but a divided Congress, with a Republican House of Representatives and a Democratic Senate, you have to not work with House Republican to pass anything, but Senate Democrats as well and even Senate Republicans who have 45-100 seats in the Senate and under Minority Leader Mitch McConnell can block almost any piece of legislation that they want to block.

Opposing cuts to any social program that’s every existed, doesn’t hurt someone like Senator Bernie Sanders. He’s in Congress as a defender of the safety net and someone who wants to bring the Scandinavian welfare state to America. But when you are someone like President Barack Obama and you know the entitlement programs have to be adjusted and reformed before they run out of money in the future, you have to be able work with others to get anything done and can’t just say hell no to everything that you oppose.

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