Gary North: ‘A Constitutional Agenda For Social Conservatives’

Doug Casey's Take [ep_#140] Gary North on Conservatism, Best and Worst Presidents, & What Comes Next

Source:Doug Casey– and Gary North.

“Doug Casey’s Take [ep.#140] Gary North on Conservatism, Best and Worst Presidents, & What Comes Next. You’re in for a treat today as we’re joined by the great, Gary North. You can find him at:Gary North.”

From Doug Casey

Strike me as old fashion, but there’s a good reason why we have terms like Old-Right, New-Right, Classical Conservative, Christian Conservative and many other terms in American politics to describe right-wingers, everyone from Center-Right Conservatives, to Far-Right Christian Nationalists and Theocrats and even right-wing terrorists.

I think and I’m one of them as far as people who follow American politics, philosophy, and ideology closely, I think when people think of political Conservatives, they think of people who believe in the U.S. Constitution devoutly and believe that’s the document that you need to limit government in America, especially the Federal Government and that they’re people who also believe in limited government.

When I think of a Conservative, that’s someone I think of and I think of someone like a Barry Goldwater or William F. Buckley and the old get government out of our bedrooms, boardrooms, and classrooms. That being Conservative is about conserving our individual rights, not trying to run our lives for us. That the best government is the government that does the least and governs closest to home and only does what we need it to do according to the U.S. Constitution.

People who are called Social Conservatives, don’t really believe in conserving anything, other than their Southern-Anglo-Saxon-Protestant, fundamentalist, 1940s and 1950s lifestyle. And that it’s the job of government not to conserve everyone’s individual rights, but to make sure that the country stop progressing and moving forward. People who believe that the 1940s and 50s called and want their America back and that government should force every American to go back to that time, place, and culture and live that way. Those are the people I think of when I hear the term Social Conservative. But those folks aren’t very conservative at all, not even fiscally and economically, let alone constitutionally.

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