With changing Demographics will the GOP lose its grip on Dixie

Don’t Draft Rick Perry: Why The Era Of The Southern Republican Politician Is Over. | The New Republic.

With changing demographics in America, where we are moving towards becoming a Majority Minority country both racially and ethnically. We are already Majority Minority ethnically but where we won’t have a Majority Race in America as well. And with the Republican Party so dependent on Anglo Saxon Protestant Southern Rural Voters just to be competitive in American Politics. How will the GOP remain competitive as a major Political Party in America, if they don’t expand its base. 2008 was in a lot of ways an incredible Presidential Election, it made history in multiple ways. But in one way it was incredible, is that democrats won in areas and in States that republicans have traditionally won and have to win the last 30-40 years. Candidate Barack Obama won North Carolina, Virginia, Florida and Ohio. Republicans can’t lose theses States and hope to win the Presidency or win or keep a Majority in the House.

The problem is the GOP is so dependent on Anglo Saxon Protestant Southern Rural Voters. While everyone else in the country votes democratic generally and the GOP only wins Anglo Voters by a little more then half. Because they haven’t reached out to other voters like Racial Minorities. “The Party of Lincoln” on a good year wins 10% of the African American Vote. Because conservatives have fought against Civil Rights in the past and now. And the Conservative Democrats that fought against Civil Rights in the 1950s-60 are today republicans. The party where Ronald Reagan said that immigrants are welcome to America. Can only count on 25-30% of the Asian and Latino American Vote. Even though these voters tend to be conservative on Cultural and Fiscal Issues. Now the GOP with their Christian and Neo Conservative allies have set their sites on gays and muslims. So now they turned another faction of the Voting Base against them.

For the GOP to remain a major Political Party in the future in American Politics. They are going to have to expand their base to different voters in different parts of the country. Or risk becoming a Far Right Third Party. America needs to have at least two strong Political Parties and the Democratic Party frankly needs competition. One Party Democracy is almost contradictory.

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