John Aes Nihil: Charles Manson Interview

Aes-Nihil Productions_ Charles Manson

Source:Aes-Nihil Productions– American Family Horror Movies, at least when they’re about Charles Manson.

Source:The Daily Press 

“ had the distinct pleasure of spending a day with John Aes-Nihil. John directed (among others) a film called “Manson Family Movies (1984)”. If you haven’t seen it, you should.

Aes-Nihil is an archivist, collector and broker of all things Manson (among many other subjects). His Manson archives alone covers 3 buildings, so we only scratched the surface of this magnificent collection. Today we present you with a small taste of what we saw. If you are looking for a particular item you can contact him through his website.”

From Manson Blog

“Charles Manson John Allison rare San Quentin Interview taped from television in a (3) part series from 47 Eyewitness News 35 years ago.”

1986 Charles Manson _ John Allison San Quentin Interview 47 News - Google Search

Source:Michaels Backporch– convicted serial murderer Charles Manson being interviewed in 1986.

From Michaels Backporch 

This is from a different Charles Manson interview, but the video is not currently available, but I still have the cover photo of it.

Fat Hawaiian Man_ Charles Manson Interview With John Aes Nihill _ FRS FreeState

Source:Fat Hawaiian Man– convicted serial murderer Charles Manson being interviewed at San Quentin Prison.

As evil as Charlie Manson might have been or still is and he was clearly and evil man, whose responsible for the murders of a lot of innocent people and even seem to draw pleasure from them, that’s not the whole story about Charlie.

You don’t put together a crime family like the Manson Crime Family if you don’t have some leadership ability that not only draws people to you, but you can make them do things they normally wouldn’t do. Like good middle class teenagers, people who should be in college, going out and murdering innocent people, people who are complete strangers to you. Because you see them as part of some establishment that’s holding down the rest of the country.

Charlie Manson blamed his situation in life, on society and to a certain extent he was correct. Coming from a broken home, never knowing his father, barely knowing his mother, being shipped around as a kid. Doesn’t excuse the fact of all the people he had murdered, but he got off to a real bad start in life.

Once Manson became an adult and got out of prison for the last time in life, he decided that he was going to takeout his frustrations on society, as much as he can for as long as he can. Charlie Manson and his young Baby Boomer soldiers, against the rest of the world.

What we saw from Charlie Manson’s power was not only the ability for him to make people do things they wouldn’t normally do, like things as evil as murdering people, but people who basically fell in love with him. And saw him as a God or Jesus Crisis, people who idealize a murderer. Which is what we saw in this interview. Even though people who are doing life sentences in prison, partially for hooking up with Charlie Manson. Who see him for exactly what he is a cold-blooded murderer that would manipulate people to do what he wouldn’t do himself.

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