CBS News: President Harry S. Truman- Inaugural Adress (01-20-1949)

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Source:CBS News– President Harry S. Truman (Democrat, Missouri) 33rd President of the United States, delivering his inaugural address, in 1949.

“Truman’s inaugural address came as the world began its recovery from World War II, and underscored the split in values between democratic and communist philosophies, which he called out as a “false philosophy”.

From CBS News

Harry Truman perhaps the biggest political underdog in the history of American politics, at least when he was running for President in 1948.

President Truman was someone who believed that he wouldn’t be elected President in 1948, let alone his own administration or campaign organization and yet he not only gets elected President in 1948 in his own right, after serving out President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s term. But I believe is not just one of the best Democratic President’s, but one of the best Progressive President’s, one of the best President’s of the 2nd half of the 20th Century, but 20th Century as well, but I believe in the 2nd group at least as one of the best American President’s ever, because of what he inherited when he became President in 1945, but the shape of the country when he left office in 1953.

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