President Truman Inauguration Speech 1/20/49: An Under Appreciated President


Under Appreciated President

President Truman Inauguration Speech – 1/20/49.

Harry Truman represents exactly what someone who doesn’t get their for lack of a better word. Just due, someone who’s constantly looked down upon. And where people on the outside, expect him to fail. No matter what he does and if anything are happier when he does fail. No one expected Harry Truman to serve on his Counties Legislature. Or be elected to the US Senate and then get reelected to to the Senate. Or be a Committee Chairman, find a lot of waste in the Defense Budget. Be nominated and then elected Vice President of the United States. A job he didn’t have very long, because President Franklin Rossevelt. Ends up dying shortly after being inaugurated for the fourth time in 1945, And of course no one expected, including Harry Truman himself. To be President of the United States and then elected President.

In the 1930s and 40s when Harry Truman was in Congress and then later Vice President and President. Back then he was seen, as what we would call today a geek or a loser. Back then they would call those people, I guess square. You would have to ask someone a bit older then me to know for sure. He was seen as someone who would basically screw up everything he touched. That nothing came easy to him, he failed as a businessman and a farmer. He was living with his wife and Mother In Law. Even his Mother In Law didn’t have much respect for him. He served in his Counties Legislature, because the Boss of his County. Thought he found the perfect puppet for him, someone who would be his servant. They were wrong, Commissioner Truman was a very effective Legislature. On the County Commission and in Congress.

Harry Truman to me anyway represents the Ultimate Underdog. Someone who’s constantly looked down upon but keeps beating the odds. He wasn’t suppose to do anything with his life. And yet he’s was one of the best and strongest Presidents the United States has ever produced. Especially in Foreign Policy, preparing the United States to fight the Cold War.

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