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The Washington Post: WonkBook- Christopher Ingraham- The Orwellian Deception of Chuck Grassley’s Leniency Industrial Complex

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat Plus Anyone who calls them self a Conservative and especially a fiscal Conservative, but who supports the American Prison Industrial Complex and our current criminal justice system, I at the very … Continue reading

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The Onion: Video: U.S. Senator Ted Cruz Fills Few Hours of Marathon Speech With Rousing Pro-ObamaCare Argument

. This post was originally posted at FRS Daily Press on WordPress Only The Onion would report that Ted Cruz spoke in favor of so-called ObamaCare. Otherwise Senator Cruz could be both drunk and high and awake for seventy-two hours … Continue reading

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ABC News: Video: This Week: Senator Ted Cruz Discusses Opposition to President Obama’s Newtown Gun Agenda

. Anytime you are real popular in your party even if you’ve only been office for a short period of time, like in U.S. Senator Ted Cruz’s case and you are a Governor or U.S. Senator, you have to at … Continue reading

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