The New Republic: Opinion- Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig- “The Economist Magazine is Wrong About Welfare’s Impact on Family”: Why People on Welfare Should Be Encouraged to Work

Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat Plus

As far as disability insurance, if you are physically and mentally able to working, meaning you don’t suffer from some physical or mental condition that makes it hard if not impossible for you to work full-time, you aren’t eligible for disability insurance. Lacking skills and education for you to be able to get yourself a good full-time job or a part-time job that pays very well like being an airline pilot, to use as an example is not an excuse not work or not to work full-time. It simply means you are uneducated or are low-skilled. Which can simply can be fixed education and job training. Unless you are learning disabled and aren’t able to get the skills necessary to support yourself with a good job.

Which means for people in poverty who are low-skilled or the long-term unemployed who do have an education, but perhaps had a job that no longer exists and are now unemployed or working part-time for a lot less money than they use to, disability insurance is not the answer for them. Because they aren’t eligible for it, again to take the low-skilled worker to use as an example unless they are learning disabled. What we should be doing for these workers is putting back to school to finish and further their education that government would finance for them. As well as encourage economic development in their communities and that is where infrastructure investment comes in.

This blog made this point several times yesterday and for very good reason. Infrastructure, education and job training solves a lot of our economic problems in America. I would add economic incentives to business’s to invest in underserved areas and incentives to employers to train their low-skilled workers so they can move up in their companies would also increase wages and create jobs in this country. Because now people who were either unemployed and on Welfare before or working a low-skilled low-income job can now get themselves a good job. And not longer need public assistance at all to support themselves.
Cato Institute-C-SPAN: Ted DeHaven on The Washington Journal- Increasing Cost of Social Security Disability Insurance

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