Linu Teko: Video: Discovery: Rivals, Jackie Kennedy vs. Marilyn Monroe

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I’ve made this point before, but the more I read about Marilyn Monroe and the more documentaries I’ve seen about her this point just becomes even more true and this video is just another example of that. Marilyn Monroe lived in another world and probably should’ve been getting therapy and being treated for alcoholism by the mid-1950s or so, assuming those services were around. No way Jack Kennedy dumps the First Lady of the United States, someone who did live in the real world and was college educated and politically represented what JFK needed. Not way JFK dumps Jackie for Marilyn.

To state the obvious Jack Kennedy was never a one women man. He never met a women in his entire forty-six year life and said something to the effect, “damn that is the one women for me. I hook up with her make that relationship work, I’ll never need another women”. Marilyn represented what Jack wanted, but was smart enough to never make a real play for her. A goddess a sex symbol, a women who quite frankly sets guys rockets off so high that they can’t bring them down to Earth. Especially when they are wearing tight outfits, like tight skirts and tight denim jeans, things that Marilyn wore both and a wore them a lot. Especially considering her time and era.

Jackie Kennedy was a very beautiful and very cute women who was also pretty sexy physically. But that wasn’t the main attraction for Jack when it came to her. He wanted her mind and what she represented in the political and social world and the social status that came with being involved with a women like that. All things that Marilyn didn’t have being fairly unstable and seeing things that simply weren’t there and not real. Thinking that she could have a lot more than is really possible and everything else.
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