Movie Clips: Video: Vertigo 1958: Let’s Wander Together

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I could simply listen and watch Kim Novak until Israel and Palestine came to peace and agree to a two-state solution. There’s just something about her voice and those eyes and cheeks that just makes me want to go “aw, she’s so sweet and sexy”. Angie Dickenson who is from the same generation as Kim has the exact same effect on me. And not only that, but her movies were really good and she worked for and with great people like Jimmy Stewart and Alfred Hitchcock. So you got to see her in great roles.

This scene right here is just coming after Madeline spending the night or a big part of the night at Scottie’s apartment in San Francisco the nigh before. They were complete strangers, but she fell into the San Francisco Bay and Scottie rescued her and brought her back to his place. He was paid by her husband to follow her because the husband claimed to be worried about her mental condition. What Scottie wasn’t aware of was that a lot of this was part of a big act that the husband was setting up to cover up a murder. And they were using Scottie in this process.



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