VOA News: Congress to Focus on US Border Crisis

Don't Mess With Texas!

Don’t Mess With Texas!

Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat

At some point Congressional Republicans are going to have to decide if they want to solve the Texas border crisis, or keep it going to use it against President Obama and use it as an issue during an election year as part of their grand scheme to add to their House majority and win back the Senate. They can’t have it both ways because if the crisis is actually resolved, then their goes a political issue for them. But if they keep it alive then they can claim that “President Obama is not enforcing immigration law and securing the border”.

Take the Tea Party out of the equation in Congress and this is a fairly easy issue to resolve. Texas Governor Rick Perry calls up the Texas National Guard to secure the border and prevent violence from happening down there and to prevent further smugglers from entering the country. Governor Perry says he wants to do this, but so far has failed to act and has instead backed conspiracy theories that “President Obama not only caused the situation down there, but did it on purpose”.

Again without the Tea Party perhaps Congress comes together and passes a bill for the extra funding to deal with the illegal immigrants at the border last week. Because the House and Senate would’ve acted responsibly and saw the crisis down there and decided we need to do something about this. Doesn’t mean they would’ve taken the Obama Administration’s bill as written. Perhaps they would’ve amended it, but they would’ve passed something real that the President probably signs.
VOA News: Congress To Focus on U.S. Border Crisis

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