Drew Carey: Whose Line SuperHeros- Made Up, Don’t Exist



Source:Drew Carey– Comedian Colin Mochrie 

Source:The New Democrat

Who’s Line is it Anyway had a segment called Superheros in which several comedian contestants played made up, non-existent (even in Hollywood), SuperHeros.  To begin, one contestant would be given the beginning of a scenario about some made up crisis.  For example, “Oh no, we are all out of Starbucks coffee,” or ketchup, “What am I going to do?  I’d better call my SuperHero friends to help me out!”

The first actor would make up a SuperHero name and play a role that the host, Drew Carey, would pick from many suggestions given by the audience.  An additional actor would join the ensemble every thirty seconds or so. The first actor would give the second actor a made up SuperHero name and the second actor would give the third actor a made up SuperHero name.  The plot would be improvised in real time until all of the actors were involved.

So you would see four actors with these crazy SuperHero names and lets say the crisis is no more Starbucks coffee in the entire world. The first SuperHero would be Caffeine Addict Boy or something like that and he would bring in Latte Girl and she would bring in Alcoholic Man telling them that the situation is okay because he has a ten year supply of scotch and bourbon so no one will go thirsty. And somehow all of these clowns would save the day and things would go back to normal for them.

Drew Carey: Whose Line- SuperHeroes

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