WJLA-TV: Video: ABC 7 News at Five: Marijuana Decriminalization Moves to Washington City Council

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This is a smart move in the City of Washington to decriminalize marijuana in Washington. Instead of arresting people for simply usage or possession of marijuana. And then basically ruining their professional careers and making it very difficult for them to get a good job. And as a result someone with this type of marijuana arrest has this on their record for good. Making it very difficult for them to get a good job. And as a result they end up on public assistance because they do not make enough money to pay their own bills. Instead of having a good job and paying into public assistance.

Washington should go even further than this and legalize marijuana, but regulate it and tax it like alcohol, which would allow for them to lower their taxes on everyone else, especially the middle class and employers. And you would see even more economic development in Washington and the marijuana industry would be part of that. But other business’s as well, because the taxes on them would be lower if they invested in Washington.

Washington should regulate and tax marijuana like alcohol.

1. Twenty-one or over to use, possess or sell marijuana in the City of Washington.

2. People under twenty-one caught with marijuana or trying to sell it would pay a fine on that or a short-term jail sentence, but not sentenced to prison for it.

3. Require license’s of dealers, users and seller of marijuana in Washington.

4. Tax marijuana just like alcohol and use that money to pay for needed public services. Instead of having to use current tax revenue to prosecute and enforce current anti-marijuana laws.

5. Strict regulations similar to alcohol like not being able to drive while high to use as an example. That would come with being locked up in jail if caught and convicted.

This would be a much smarter approach to dealing with a drug that has similar side-effects as alcohol. Instead of trying to prohibit people from doing to themselves what they want to do. Which is why alcohol prohibition didn’t work. Trying to stop people from what they want to do with their own lives.
Washington Pot

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