Foreign Affairs: Opinion- Michael Kazin- The Tea Party is Special, Just Not in The Way it Thinks



Foreign Affairs: Opinion-Michael Kazin- The Tea Party is Special, Just Not in the Way It Thinks.

I disagree with this article from Michael Kazin for this reason. The Tea Party is such a diverse group of Americans that it is hard to sum them up. The only things they have in common as a group are that they are all right-wingers. And tend to come from the South or West and in some cases Midwest. And they tend to see compromise as surrender but ideologically they range from the Center-Right. And  I would include Rand Paul with his Conservative-Libertarian politics as part of the. Center-Right because he’s not anti-immigrant or anti-integration and definitely not. With the Christian-Right on most issues but then you also have the Far-Right in this group. The Christian-Right and the Neoconservatives people like Michelle Bachmann. To Republicans who are simply Libertarian at least on most issues like U.S. Representative Justin Amash. So to say that the Tea Party is a bunch of Fundamentalist-Christians from the South or. Other parts of rural America that want to take America back to the 1950s is simply false. Yes that faction exists but they also have a Conservative-Libertarian faction in it as well.

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