Brookings: Michael E. O’Hanlon & Kay B. Hutchinson- Saving Defense Dollars: From Base Realignment to Overhead Realignment & Closure

Room For Savings

Room For Savings

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Real deficit and debt reduction just doesn’t go after fifteen percent of the federal_budget. That benefits people who are most in need of government help like low-income workers. And the unemployed especially the low-skilled unemployed and basically telling this population. That money is tight and even though you are in a real tough spot financially. We are going to cut you back anyway and even cut you off while we protect our pet projects. That do not need all the money that they are getting. What real debt and deficit reduction is about starts with real economic and job growth. To increase tax receipts to the treasury and to get that you need some type of economic growth package. That produces strong economic and job growth. But going further than that you need to look at the federal budget and look at areas. Where we could really afford to make serious budget savings. Like in entitlements and defense and in government reform and looking at the broader. Public assistance system and look to see how can we move people off of it. By they moving themselves into the middle class. But you could also look at. Decentralization when it comes to public assistance as well so the feds do not have to do. As much in actually running these programs.

If you are interested in real debt and deficit reduction and want to look at public assistance. Look at ways where we can legitimately save money without hurting people. By empowering people to improve their own lives so they no longer need public assistance. But again if you do not include entitlements we are still talking about fifteen percent of the. Federal budget that House Republicans always target when it comes to deficit reduction. In a budget of four trillion dollars with a of seven hundred billion dollars. Which comes out to six-hundred billion dollars a year and yes if we eliminated. All of those programs we could erase the budget deficit in less than two years. But of course we are not going to cut off the very needy just like that especially with. Democrats in power or even cut those programs down to the point where that would make. Serious reductions to the budget deficit so cuts here and there. In these programs without giving this population anywhere else to turn. Hurts this population but doesn’t do a damn thing to do serious deficit reduction.

Besides public assistance alone including entitlements won’t cut the debt and deficit. In any serious way because you also have to look at defense and you also have to look. At the tax code and especially all of those subsidies to big business and big agriculture. In other words you have to go where the money is and look to cut things without. Hurting the economy and national security and look at areas where we are doing too much. And ask questions like should the United States which is still one country. Be responsible for the national defense of other large developed countries. Not only their national defense but we have to pay for it and not these countries. Paying us for their national defense or should we be demanding that Europe, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Korea. Put up their own money and defense resources to defend themselves. Keeping our current alliances but where we are all doing our own part to defend ourselves. And that means these large developed countries defending themselves or paying. The United States to defend them either way America would save hundreds of billions of. Dollars a year that could be used for real deficit reduction.

I do not want to cut the military budget of the United States” to weaken the United States. And put our national security at risk because I think America is the real terrorist or. Evil empire in the world, actually I believe the opposite is true and people who share. That view that believe America should cut half of their defense budget in half or two-thirds of. It generally coming from the Far-Left are delusional and should have nothing to do. With national security but we can make serious savings in the defense budget. That would actually improve our national security because it would free up other resources. That could be used for counter-terrorism, as well as help us deal with our long-term. Deficit and national debt.


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